Vulnerable Customers Policy


Having a defined and structured Vulnerable Customer Policy in place is not only a regulatory requirement; it is an essential business function.  This is to ensure that all customers are treated in a clear, fair and consistent manner.  This includes requiring any person considered as ‘vulnerable’ to be treated with extra care.

It is essential that all staff understand what makes a customer vulnerable.  This manual provides guidance in everyday regulated business activities on how to identify customers that may be particularly vulnerable and they should be treated. Format: Word Document.

FORMAT: All documents are downloadable via email upon receipt of payment.


WORD DOCUMENT – 8 PAGES – Last Updated: Oct 2021


  1. Introduction
    1. Good Outcomes
  2. What is a Vulnerable Customer?
    1. Main Characteristics of Vulnerability
    2. Impact of Coronavirus
  3. What should you look out for?
    1. Identifying vulnerability
  4. What to do
    1. Recording and Assessing Customer Needs
  5. Staff Training and Awareness
    1. Staff Capability Requirement