Treating Customers Fairly Documents


  • TCF Six Outcomes – Word Document
  • Improvement Log – Excel Document
  • TCF Monitoring Register – Excel Document
  • TCF Monitoring Report – Word Document
  • TCF Management Information Matrix – Word Document
  • TCF MI Report (to be used in conjunction with the MI & KPI Review form) – Word Document
  • MI & KPI Review Form – Excel Document
  • Customer Satisfaction Feedback Form – Word Document
  • Customer Satisfaction Feedback Form Letter – Word Document
  • TCF Values Document – Word Document

This bundle is designed to provide you with key documents so that you can record how your firm is maintaining treating customers fairly.  The improvement log is our latest document which came about to keep an up to date record of improvements in the firm.  This can then be used when completing a GAP Analysis as a reminder of what improvements the firm has made.  It also provides a good audit trail to demonstrate that the firm is continually reviewing its systems and controls.

FORMAT: All documents are downloadable via email upon receipt of payment.