FCA Protection Insurance Non-Advised Process Manual


Insurance sales must comply with the Financial Conduct Authority and Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD).  This is to ensure that firms act honestly, fairly, professionally and in the best interests of the customer.

This manual has adopted these rules to assist firms deliver the objectives of the regulator.  It includes a step by step process of the sales procedure that even someone new into the industry should be able to follow and grasp a good understanding of what is required of them when arranging an insurance policy.

FORMAT: All documents are downloadable via email upon receipt of payment.



  1. Introduction
    1. General Guidance
  2. Sales Process
    1. Disclosure Document (DD)
    2. Fees and Commission Disclosure
    3. Privacy Notice
    4. Fact Find
    5. Affordability
    6. Research
    7. Arranging
    8. Product Disclosure
    9. Key Features Document – Protection Policies
    10. Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) – General Insurance
    11. Statement of Demands & Needs
    12. Cancellation Period
    13. Claims Process
    14. Group Insurance Policies with Multiple Policyholders
    15. Product Disclosure on ‘Distance Contracts’
    16. Distance Contracts – Telephone
  3. Renewals and Mid-term Changes
    1. Mid-term Changes
  4. Record Keeping Requirements