Video Tutorial: How to complete the FCA’s REP021 GI Pricing Information Part 2 of 2


REP021 – GI Pricing Information Regdata Returns

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently added three New Returns to RegData for all those who hold the insurance permissions.  Due to the complexity, we have produced two step-by-step tutorial video’s, each approximately 13 minutes long, which includes snippets of the returns and how to complete each section.

Please note this video is part of two step by step video’s to GI Pricing Information – if you wish to purchase both please click here to get BOTH videos for only £40.

Please Note:  All three returns relate to home and motor insurance, add-on policies and premium finance sold in connection with, or alongside home or motor insurance sold to individuals only.  Therefore, if you do not advise or arrange any of these types of policies then it is most likely that you will be able to report a nil return.  However, for peace of mind you can download the following guides, which explains who needs to complete which return and what needs to be provided.

We hope that you will find these useful of what needs to be reported and how to report. As a reminder – whilst the returns aren’t due to be completed until the 30th September 2022, we would encourage you to set time aside so that you gather all the information you need to complete the returns.