Mortgage Advice Process Manual


Since the MMR came in to force firms are no longer able to carry out non-advised sales on mortgage business.  In fact, any sale involving some form of ‘interactive dialogue’ between the firm and the customer will generally be advised.  This is still the case following the implementation of the MCD.

We have updated our Mortgage Advice Process Manual so that it meets the requirements under the Consumer Duty.  From the 31st July 2023, all products and services must be fit for purpose, offer fair value and that communications and customer support enable consumers to make, and act on, well-informed decisions.

This manual outlines the advice and sales process to be followed in the course of carrying out mortgage business.  It provides a step by step process from providing your contact details and completing a factfind through to producing a suitability letter.  There is also a section on Business and Consumer Buy to Lets along with tips on identifying which category the mortgage falls under.  In addition there is a section on debt consolidation and cold calling.

FORMAT: All documents are downloadable via email upon receipt of payment.


WORD DOCUMENT – 38 PAGES – Updated with Consumer Duty requirements – April 2024 


  1. Level of Service Permitted
    1. Advice/Sales Permitted
  2. Introduced Business
    1. Introducing to another Intermediary
  3. Contacting Customers – Cold Calling
    1. Methods of Conducting Solicited Real Time Promotions
    2. Referral from an Introducer
    3. Referral from an Existing Customer
    4. Contacting Existing Customers
    5. Important Notes
  4. Communication with Customers
  5. Disclosure Document Requirements
    1. Verbal Disclosure
    2. Product Range/Limitations
    3. Commission
    4. Fees
    5. Fees – Election Form
    6. Alternative Finance Options
    7. Additional disclosure requirements where business is transacted by distance
    8. Privacy Notice
  6. Fact Find
    1. Affordability
    2. Affordability – Interest Only
    3. Affordability – Debt Consolidation
    4. High Net Worth Mortgage Customers/Business Lending Customers
    5. Business Lending Only
    6. Buy to Let
    7. Business Buy to Let
    8. Consumer Buy to Let
    9. Customer Attitude to Risk
    10. Non-Disclosure
  7. Identifying Customer Needs
  8. Research
    1. Adequate Explanations
    2. European Standardised Information Sheet (ESIS)/Key Facts Illustration+ (KFI)
    3. Binding Offer
    4. 7-Day Reflection Period
  9. Suitability of Advice
    1. Advice Rejected
  10. Proposal Completion
  11. Suitability Letter
  12. Variation of a regulated mortgage contract
    1. Further Advances
    2. Addition/Removal of a Contractual Party
    3. Interest Rate Switches
    4. Other Changes to Mortgage Contracts
  13. Modified Affordability Assessment
    1. Additional Borrowing
    2. Affordable Mortgage
    3. Extending the Term of the Mortgage
    4. Lender Disclosure Rules
  14. Arrears & Debt Counselling
  15. Execution Only Sales
  16. Customers in Special Circumstances
    1. Business Written on Members/Family
  17. Record Keeping
    1. Minimum Requirements