Financial Crime and Anti-Fraud Policy Manual


Reducing financial crime in the UK is one of the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) statutory objectives and priorities.  Since November 2004 the FSA and now the FCA has issued numerous speeches and publications to raise awareness for firms to take action to combat the risks of financial crime.  In addition, government initiative has sought to increase awareness of the risks of identity theft, and media coverage of identity theft risks has been widespread over the country.

All regulated firms need to protect customer data and their firm from being used for financial crime.  This manual establishes how a firm should be vigilant and details procedures on what it should have in place as a key preventative measure in the fight against fraud, theft and corruption.

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WORD DOCUMENT – 7 PAGES – Last Updated: Oct 2021


  1. Introduction
    1. Risks to the Business
  2. Data Security Internal Checks & Monitoring
    1. Data Security Training Awareness
    2. Safeguarding Customers Identification against Theft
    3. Customer Due Diligence
    4. Data Controls
  3. Third Party Suppliers Security Checks
  4. Reporting Data Breaches
  5. Data Loss or Theft Procedure