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The Business Clinic

“I have known Suzanne Gibson for over 14 years and in that time, she has proven herself to be the most experienced person within her field of financial services compliance that I have dealt with.

Many experts in Suzanne’s field of compliance simply point you in the direction of the information you need to find i.e. refer to the handbook. However, Suzanne’s brain is an encyclopaedic store of knowledge that she can reference instantly, she can retrieve the information required to answer your question and discuss it with you right there and then in a clear and succinct way which refreshing in her profession to achieve the required result.

It’s not only Suzanne’s vast knowledge that makes her stand out within her sector, alongside it she also has a wonderfully bubbly and friendly personality which helps her to deliver any advice or training in an engaging manner allowing delegates to ask the questions they need to fully understand the subject. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer any clients, colleagues or anyone in need of compliance advice or training to Suzanne and her company Ecompli.”