Training & Competence Manual – General Insurance Brokers (Non-Advised)


All individuals who are involved in regulated activities must comply with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Training & Competence Sourcebook (TC) and Systems & Controls Sourcebook (SYSC) in order to achieve, maintain and improve competence.

In addition, the Insurance Distribution Directive states that anyone involved in the distribution of insurance must have appropriate knowledge and ability to carry out their role and that this must be demonstrated by completing a minimum of 15 hours CPD.

The purpose of this Training & Competence (T&C) Manual is to establish and provide a process for authorising, training, supervising and monitoring individuals who are employed by the firm by setting out standards that must be achieved and maintained by individuals.  This manual is aimed at General Insurance Brokers who arrange insurance but do not provide advice.

FORMAT: All documents are downloadable via email upon receipt of payment.


WORD DOCUMENT – 11 PAGES – Last Updated: Oct 2021


  1. Introduction
    1. Purpose of the T&C Manual
    2. Application of the T&C Manual
    3. Permitted Activities of Sales Agents
  2. Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Recruitment and Assessing Competence
    1. Employee References
    2. Conduct and Contracts
    3. Administrative Staff
    4. Termination of Appointment
    5. Outside Business Interests
  4. Attaining Competence
    1. Trainee Insurance Broker
  5. Maintaining Competence
    1. On-going Supervision
  6. Training and Monitoring Activities
    1. Key Performance Indicators
    2. Desk Based Monitoring
    3. Monitoring Purpose/Standards
  7. Failure Policy
  8. Supervisor
  9. General Issues
    1. Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
    2. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) – Insurance Requirements
    3. Absence Policy