FCA Equity Release Advice Process Manual


Equity Release customers are labelled as vulnerable customers and therefore are not able to opt-out of advice.  As such, this manual outlines the advice and sales process to be followed in the course of carrying out a Lifetime Mortgage, Home Reversion Plan or Home Purchase Plan.  It also provides guidance on how to handle advice that has been rejected by the customer.

FORMAT: All documents are downloadable via email upon receipt of payment.



Ecompli continually review all of their documents and regularly update them.  This Equity Release Advice Process Manual was last updated on the 28th September 2020 and is specifically designed for Equity Release Brokers.


  1. Introduction
    1. Advice/Sales Permitted
    2. Lifetime Mortgage Definition
    3. Home Purchase Plan Definition
    4. Home Reversion Plan Definition
  2. Introduced Business
    1. Introducing to another Intermediary
  3. Contacting Customers – cold calling
    1. Methods of Conducting Solicited Real Time Promotions
    2. Referral from an Introducer
    3. Referral from an Existing Customer
    4. Contacting Existing Customers
    5. Important Notes
  4. Communication with Customers
    1. Scope of Service Disclosure
  5. Initial Disclosure
    1. Verbal Disclosure
    2. Product Range/Limitations
    3.  Commission
    4.  Fees
    5. Fees – Election Form
    6. Additional Disclosure Requirements where Business is Transacted by Distance
    7. Privacy Notice
  6.  Factfind
    1.  Affordability
    2. Non-Disclosure
  7. Research – Key Facts Illustration
  8. Suitability of Advice
    1. Equity Release Transactions
    2. Home Reversion Plans
    3. Advice Rejected
  9. Home Purchase Plan – additional requirements
    1. Risks & Features Statement
    2. Financial Information Statement
    3. Post-Sale Disclosure
  10. Proposal Completion
  11. Suitability Letter
  12.  Variations
    1. Further Advances
  13. Arrears & Debt Consolidation
  14. Execution Only
  15. Customers in Special Circumstances
  16. Record Keeping
    1. Minimum Requirements